OREO TV APK Download v2.0.4 For Android

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NameOreo TV APK
PublisherOreo TV
Size9 MB
Mod FeaturesFully Unlocked & No Ads
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Oreo TV App Info:
  • 6000+ HD channels
  • High quality video streaming
  • Save video for offline
  • Clean user interface
  • Categorized your favourite channels

OREO TV is the best source to consume television-based content. This is an IPTV (Internet Protocol television) application it means that you can watch television shows and movies. If you want to watch live shows like live crickets, football, WWE and any shows you want to watch then go ahead and download oreo tv apk to get access to all TV channels for free.

Television is one of the best source of entertainment but you know that television is not portable so you can’t carry your big and bulky TV with you every time that is why the phase of stream television shows on smartphone is growing rapidly and one of the best app that mainly used to watch TV shows, LIVE and Movies.

oreo tv apk

What is Oreo TV APK?

Oreo TV is a portable television and you can watch your favourite TV shows, LIVE Shows, and Movies anytime. It is the best alternative app to Jio TV you know if you want to use jio tv then you must have JIO SIM card and that is why instead of purchasing a new jio sim card you can download oreo tv apk because it provides the same features that jio tv provides and in fact, oreo tv is better than jio tv in terms of features, capability, network accessibility and much more.

Why Oreo TV Is Not Available On Google Play Store?

Google play store has its own rules and policies that developers must have to follow while they developing the app. Although, We don’t have any clarification about why oreo tv app is not available on the google play store. It might not suitable for google policies or it might violate the policy of the google play store but it doesn’t mean that oreo tv app is harmful and it doesn’t affect user’s privacy anyhow.

Key Features:

  • Watch Live news on your phone
  • Multi-language Support
  • 6000+ TV Channels
  • Watch Live cricket shows and Live TV shows
  • Latest Movies watch for free
  • No need to log in/sign up
  • Premium and paid channels watch for free
  • Download videos to watch it later offline
  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Advertisements at all

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Features – Oreo TV

In Oreo TV App, you will get thousands of television channels and LIVE sports. Here, we will discuss the features of this application:

Live Cricket And Live Shows

If you are a sports lover and you love to watch live sports show like live cricket, football, and any sports that you want to watch then you must have to download oreo tv app because this app has streaming television services so that you can watch live television shows. You can also watch live news channels. Download this application and watch live IPL matches on your phone and you will get updates all the time on how the match is going.

Watch All Your Favourite TV Shows

Almost everyone uses television and everyone watches TV shows, serials, sports, music, and much more so if you are traveling or if you have no access to your television anyhow then you can use Oreo TV to watch your favourite TV shows. The best part of this app is it is portable it means that you can get access to your TV anytime and anywhere you just need a smartphone or tablet.

News Channels

This is one of the best sources to get factual information about current affairs. You know that, nowadays, everyone has to be updated and everyone has to watch the news to get an update about what’s going on. By the way, Oreo TV has so many news channels in various languages so you can news in any languages you want.

Watch Latest Movies

Watch your favourite movies anytime! Oreo TV app has thousands of movies that you can watch in high quality. There is a special section for movies in the bottom navigation bar of the app where you will get only movies related content so that you don’t need to find the channels for movies rather than you can just click on the movies section and you good to go to watch movies and take a chill.

Registration is not required

This is the best part of this app that unlike jio tv you don’t need to register and make your account to use oreo tv so that you can just open the app and you good to go also you don’t need to login every time to use it.

Categories Section for specific uses

There are 6000+ TV channels available in this app and all the TV channels are categorized in the various section so that you can easily find the channel that you are looking for. When you open the app then you will see a bottom navigation bar that helps to find the kind of channels that you want to watch, like if you want movies then you can click on the movies section from then you will see only movies and if you if want live tv then you can click on the live tv section to watch all the live shows and news. You can also select your favourite channels and put them in the favourite section.

Download Video To Watch Offline

This is the premium and paid feature of oreo tv app and with the help of this feature, you can download any content from oreo tv and watch it later offline. But you can’t download the live shows so if you want to download live shows that runs on television right now then it is not possible. But don’t worry except for living shows you can download anything and watch it later without using the internet.

Download Oreo TV APK (V2.0.4) Latest Version 2021

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NameOreo TV APK
PublisherOreo TV
Size9 MB
Required AndroidUp to 4.0.3
Mod FeaturesFully Unlocked & No Ads
Last Update
DownloadFrom Here

How to Install Oreo TV APK

If you want to install the oreo tv app on your android devices then you must have to follow our following instructions, so read these step by step installation instructions carefully:

unknown sources of app installation
  • First thing first, hit the download button given of this article to go to the download page.
  • Once the downloading page open then click on the download button again to start downloading.
  • When the downloading is been completed then click on it and install the apk.
  • The APK installation might take some time.
  • Once it done then go the hame page of the device and open the oreo tv app

Merit and Demerit:

Every product comes with plenty of pros and cons because nothing is perfect in the world, so in terms of oreo tv merit and demerit then yes, there are lots of advantages as well as some disadvantages are also there that you should know. Below I have all the pros and cons of the oreo tv app:

Advantages of Oreo TV:

  • Watch Live TV Streaming Shows
  • 6000+ TV Channels
  • Download Video to Watch Offline
  • Watch all the Latest Movies
  • No need for registration
  • User-friendly UI
  • Select your favourite channels

Disadvantages of Oreo TV:

  • Subtitle & Caption is not available.
  • Oreo tv app is not available on the google play store.
  • This app is not available for IOS devices.

Compatibility Of Oreo TV App

Oreo TV supports more than 99% of android and ios mobile devices. You can use the oreo tv app on any android device and ios device so that oreo tv app compatibility is very decent and you can use it on your smartphone without any issue or bugs. The minimum android requirement to smoothly run the oreo tv app is 4.0.3.

Oreo TV APK For PC, Firestick, IOS

If you want to install oreo tv on pc, firestick, and ios devices then the process of installation is quite critical but don’t worry about that because here i have share the complete procedure to install oreo tv on all devices:

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Download Oreo TV APK For PC

The real fun of watching television is on a big screen that is why so many people want oreo tv app for pc so that they can watch TV on a big screen. Here I am gonna describe the complete installation process with which you can easily install and use oreo tv app on your pc.

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Download Oreo TV APK For Firestick

OREO TV For Firestick – #1 Most Popular LIVE TV App! Download OREO TV For Firestick For Free. Here i’ve shared the complete installation instructions about OREO TV on Firestick.

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Download Oreo TV APK For IOS

Oreo TV is one of the most popular and widely used online tv applications, so if you want to watch live cricket, serials, tv shows, live news, and sports then you should try out oreo tv which is the best way to watch television on your phone.

Why Oreo TV is The Best LIVE TV APK

There are lots of live tv application available if the market (google play store or app store) but if you think that who is the best live tv app in the world then i would defiantly recommend oreo tv in the top of the list because it has much more channel (6000+) than any other app right now. The quality of the live streaming is also very good, the user interface is very simple and easy to use, it is consume very less data than other live tv apps, so overall it is the best live app application right now and that is why oreo tv is very popular and broadly used app.

Oreo TV App For PC Or Windows

Oreo TV For PC

The Real on of watching television is on a big screen, so that is why so many people want oreo tv app for pc and here i am gonna explain to you that you can install oreo tv app on your pc to enjoy TV on a big screen. Although oreo tv app is officially not available for pc but you can use it on pc and for that, you must have to follow our instructions. Click on the button below for complete installation introductions for pc users.

How to install Oreo TV On Windows

  • First, click here to go to the bluestack downloading page.
  • Now, Select your operating system and click on the downloading Button to start download bluestack.
  • When the downloading is completed then click on the open button and open it.
  • Complete all the installation process and it might take 5-10 minutes.
  • Once the installation of bluestack got completed then open the bluestack app.
  • Now, you will see an Android smartphone interface.
  • Go to the google play store and download chrome browser
  • Now open the chrome browser and search “https://oreotvapk.cc/” and click on the first link.
  • After that install Oreo TV and use it for free.

FAQs For Oreo TV

Is Oreo TV Better than Jio TV?

Although it is a personal choice but I am gonna discuss some facts about it. In terms of features, the oreo tv app is better than jio tv but in terms of reliability, jio tv app is slightly better and you know that jio tv shows advertisements but oreo tv not and jio tv has fewer channels than oreo tv. So, if you concerned about all these terms then i think you should use oreo tv.

Is Oreo TV Available For PC?

Oreo TV is officially not available for pc but you can use it on pc but for that, you have read this article – [Oreo Tv For PC]. Here, i have discussed about how you can use oreo tv on pc.

Can i Download Videos Through Oreo TV?

Oreo TV has that functionality with which you can download videos from oreo tv but you can’t download the live shows. You can download videos to watch it later even you are offline.

Does Oreo TV Support FHD Video Streaming?

Along with quantity, quality also matters so much that is why oreo tv never compromised with the quality so that you can watch 1080p (Full HD) video content with this app.

Can I Watch LIVE TV Shows on Oreo TV?

Oreo Tv is famous for live tv shows. You can watch live crickets, football, WWE and any sports and even news channels or whatever live show you want to watch.

Final Words

Here i have shared the detailed information about oreo tv application and i hope you understood everything about this app. Oreo TV app is officially not available on the google play store so that if you want this app then you have to download it from our site [oreotvapk.cc]. To be very honest this site is also not the official site but the oreo tv app that we have shared with you is 100% original and safe.

Because this app is not on the google play store, therefore you will have to update this app from this site. You can bookmark https://oreotvapk.cc/ site so that you do not need to remember the URL of the site whenever you need it.